Commission Peatlands and Society

Marie Kofod-Hansen
Sättrabyvägen 4
S-762 97 Edsbro
Tel: + 46 708 931 861
Email: marie.kofodhansen (at)

1st vice-chair
Kirsi Laurén, kirsi.lauren(at)

2nd vice-chair
Rachel Carmenta, rachelcarmenta(at)


1. Peatlands Education, Communication and Publicity
Catherine O'Connell, bogs (at)

2. Peatlands and Culture 
Anne Jelle Schilstra, secretaris(at)

Scope of the Group: This expert group focusses on the relationship between people and peatlands, or mires. We draw on interdiciplinary fields of studies, particulary the humanities and social sciences to explore the cultural meanings of oeatlands in every day life, individual and collective experiences, values and attitudes, and the tangible and intangible cultural herriatage of peatlands. we draw on people's oral or written narratives, literature, archeological findings, folklore, peat and mire art, and popular culture (e.g. films, videos, music, dance and commercials) concerning peatlands to understand the meanings and uses of peatlands and people and society around the world.

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3. Peatlands and people, health and local livelihoods 
Dian Novarina, dian_novarina(at)

4. Peatland Conventions and International Affairs 
Jack Rieley, jack.rieley(at)