Honorary Members

To do honour to a person who has rendered particular service to the Society or international co-operation in the mire and peat sector, the Executive Board may confer on him/her the title of Honorary President or Honorary Member of the Society.

Honorary members, including the Honorary President, are long serving members of IPS who have given exemplary service to the Society or to peat or peatlands internationally.

There can be only one Honorary President at a time. The Honorary President has the right to attend Executive Board meetings. He/she is also exempted from the payment of participation fees at the Congresses, Symposia and Workshops of the IPS.

Persons to whom the IPS Executive Board has conferred Honorary Presidency or Honorary Membership of the IPS shall receive a Diploma and be exempted from the payment of a membership fee.

Honorary President:

Juhani Päivänen, Finland

Honorary Members:

  • F. Baranyai, Hungary
  • David Bellamy, United Kingdom
  • Richard Clymo, United Kingdom
  • Jean-Yves Daigle, Canada
  • A.K. Dergunov, Russia
  • Hartmut Falkenberg, Germany
  • Neil Godsman, United Kingdom
  • Don N. Grubich, USA
  • Matti Hilli, Finland
  • Gerry Hood, Canada
  • Paddy Hughes, Ireland
  • Piotr Ilnicki, Poland
  • Ivan I. Lishtvan, Belarus
  • Markku Mäkelä, Finland
  • Thomas Malterer, USA
  • Yrjö Pessi, Finland
  • Juhani Päivänen, Finland
  • Jaakko Silpola, Finland
  • Ansis Snore, Latvia
  • B.N. Sokolov, Russia
  • Raimo Sopo, Finland
  • Nick van de Griendt, the Netherlands