Carbon fluxes on a degraded lowland raised bog undergoing restoration with micro-propagated Sphagnum

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Anna Keightley, Simon Caporn, Chris Field, James Rowson, Neal Wright
Book (published in): 
Abstracts IPS Jubilee 2018
Peatland Restoration, restoration, lowland, peatland, carbon, GHG, Sphagnum, micropropagation


Peatlands are a priority habitat for conservation in the UK, and an important carbon store. However, due to drainage for agriculture, urbanisation and more recently, peat-extraction on a large scale, more than 80% of remaining peatlands are damaged, and even protected peatlands are impacted, with the
majority not in a favourable condition. Repair of UK peatlands is essential to promote recovery of associated vulnerable and marginalised flora and fauna, and as a tool to help combat climate change in the UK’s ambitious carbon emissions reduction targets.

The site for this study is Cadishead Moss, an 8 ha...