Cellulose oxygen isotopes of peat as a tool of paleoclimate reconstruction; applications in rishiri and Borneo peats

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Masanobu Yamamoto, Osamu Seki, Takafumi Kikuchi, Ryoma Hayashi, Abdullah Sulaiman, Hasrizal Shaari and Lulie Melling
Book (published in): 
Proceedings of the 15th International Peat Congress
peat, cellulose, oxygen isotopes



Technique of cellulose oxygen isotope analysis was applied to the peats from the Rishiri Island, Japan, in the Sea of Japan. Sphagnum remains were carefully separated and their cellulose was purified by lipid extraction and subsequent lignin decomposition processes. The purified cellulose was analyzed by pyrolysis isotope ratio monitoring mass spectrometry to measure its δ18O. The 4000year record of δ18O showed millennial scale variation...