Online member services

IPS is currently having technical problems with its Intranet. Please contact if you need assistance.


The IPS website offers a range of online services for its members. Please find further information below - or login, open the menu items on the left and follow instructions.

To require a new password, go to log in and further to the "require new password" tab or send your email address to ips (at) in case you are not yet receiving Peatland Snippets (was: Peat News) from the IPS Secretariat

Proceedings, documents and brochures

You are able to view and download the proceedings of International Peat Congresses, peat and peatland symposia, workshops and similar events as PDF files for your own use. So far those were available only in print from our online shop or at the actual meeting. Please login and click on the headlines of each paper for more information. In the same database. You will also find previous issues of the IPS magazine Peatlands International and our newsletter Peat News as PDF files. When logged in, you are also allowed to upload documents for which you or IPS own copyrights.

Membership database

It is possible to see and contact other IPS members via our member database, if they have made their data available to other members. The IPS member list of approximately 1400 persons and organisations is managed online now - but all information is hidden until our members have each released their own information by checking a special box at the bottom of their membership information sheet. You are welcome and encouraged to open your own contact details, too - maybe you even want to add your picture? For all other members, member information, including name, organisation, postal address, email and phone numbers are visible to the staff of the IPS Secretariat only, in special cases also the EB and the organisers of IPS conferences (usually National Committees or congress bureaus).

Peat Dictionary

The very popular Peat Dictionary (1984) can be accessed as electronic application at the special IPS member pages. This contains peat and mire terminology in five different languages: English, Russian, Swedish, Finnish and German and is very easy to use.

Jobs and research opportunities

Members and others interested can browse open job and research positions related to mires, peat and peatlands. You can also post your own announcements when logged in.

How to sign in

  • Every member of the IPS receives his user name and password by email or post. Please login at the left top of the website, review your contact information, change your password (recommended) and open your information to other members (optional, check box) when you login for the first time.
  • If you are not a member of the IPS yet, but would like to join, please follow instructions here.


Please note that lost passwords can only be retrieved from this website, they are not stored at the IPS Secretariat.

In any given case do not share your access information with colleagues at any time. This would give them also access to your personal entry in the IPS membership list.You rather might want to invite them as members, or add their contact details to an existing corporate account (max six names).

If you delete your entry at the membership database, this will end your IPS membership and your membership in the National Committee in your country.

We do not give any contact information of our members to third parties. Further information can be found by using the links on the left.