Mires and Peat - A joint Journal of IPS and IMCG

Mires and Peat is a joint scientific journal of the International Peatland Society and the International Mire Conservation Group. Our aim is to offer a true freely accessible online journal, following the rules of open-access publications.

The new journal "Mires and Peat" was officially launched at a meeting of IPS and IMCG representatives in Espoo, Finland on 28 July 2006.

We welcome all IPS members to become active authors or reviewers for the new journal! More information: www.mires-and-peat.net

Mires and Peat Flyer (PDF)

All documents can be read and downloaded for free. Mires and Peat is a peer-reviewed internet journal focusing specifically on mires, peatlands and peat. As a “free-to-users” publication (i.e. NO subscriptions and NO publication charges), it is immediately accessible to readers and potential authors worldwide. All IPS members and others working in the area of mire and peatland management and research are welcome to submit their papers to the Journal. Abstracts can be sent to the Editor, Olivia Bragg at o.m.bragg (at) dundee.ac.uk.


Mires and Peat publishes high-quality peer-reviewed
academic papers on all facets of research relating to mires, peatlands and peat worldwide. It is an open access Internet journal published jointly by the International Mire Conservation Group (IMCG) and the International Peat Society (IPS). There are no publication or subscription charges to authors or readers.

The scope of Mires and Peat encompasses all aspects of peatland science (including social sciences), technology and wise use, including:

  • ecology, hydrology, survey, inventory, classification, functions and values of mires and peatland;
  • role of peatland in the biosphere;
  • scientific, economic and human aspects of the management of peatland for agriculture, forestry, nature conservation, environmental protection, peat extraction and other industrial uses;
  • biological, physical and chemical characteristics of peat; and climate change and peatland

Standard papers, short communications and review articles dealing with these and related topics will be welcomed, along with contributions within the scope of the journal based on the proceedings of conferences, seminars, symposia and workshops. Material from authors and countries whose work would otherwise be inaccessible to the international community is particularly encouraged.


Dr Olivia Bragg
Department of Geography
University of Dundee
United Kingdom

Professor Jack Rieley
Centre for Environmental Management
School of Geography
University of Nottingham
United Kingdom